dimanche 27 novembre 2011

Revising and Editing


Pre-test: 38/50
Lesson 2: 53/60
Lesson 3: 16/18
Lesson 4: 17/21
Lesson 5: 4/4
Lesson 6: 8/10
Lesson 7: 23/25
Lesson 8: 16/20
Lesson 10: 12/15
Lesson 13 : 14/14
Lesson 15 : 5/10
Post-test : 46/50

Effectiveness :

Unfortunately, I feel like I didn’t improve much my writing skills, partly because I didn’t spend much time reviewing my assignments and working on improving it and partly because we never corrected our homework (writing work and grammar work) in class so consequently, I wasn’t always sure if my answers were accurate.      

Things learned :

This course was very enlightening for me as far as literature goes. We read few short stories, poems and even saw and read a playwright. We also learned a lot about different authors, periods that they lived in and genres. This allowed me to enlarge my general knowledge regarding American and Canadian literature. However, I’m not quite sure if I learned anything new as far as writing goes. Thought-out this semester, I found myself using things like structure, literary elements and ways to start an introduction that I previously learned in high-school.   


What I liked the most about this course is the fact that we mainly read stories from 19th and 20th century writers. This is due to the fact that older authors as well as their stories don’t really interest me mostly because of the old style English. In addition, it allowed us to discover stories that can still relate to our present lives. I also liked analysing these stories in class and listening to its different interpretations even though it wasn’t necessarily a part of this course’s programme. On the other hand, what I “liked less” about this class was the unit about poetry simply because I can’t seem to appreciate this form of literature, not even in songs.

Course rating :

During this semester, my evaluations were always done on time, I only missed one day of classes and always read carefully every single one of the short stories, playwrights and poems that were due.  However, I feel like I didn’t always give my 100% and as they say, there is always room for improvement! For instance, sometimes, I could have paid more attention in class; I could have done my writing work and grammar work more attentively and I could have given more effort towards the evaluations that I did (especially projects and our writing assignment). For the aforementioned reasons, I would give myself a 6,5/10.   

jeudi 10 novembre 2011

Revising and Editing 1

1. What I liked most about my text is ... 
First paragraph

2. What I liked least about my text is ...

Here are my suggestions for improving the:

3. introduction 

I should have used one of the 11 ways to introduce an essay that we learned in class. 

4. thesis statement 
I should bring up my subject in a more creative way.

5. topic sentence of each paragraph 
I can look up for previous examples to make sure that my topic sentences contain everything. 

6. content of the text 
Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of not doing a plan before writing. That technique might help me to improve my paragraph's content. 

7. organization of the text 
I believe that my text is well organized, except for the conclusion since I didn't write a thesis statement. 

9. sentence style of the text 
I might use every now and then a figure of speech. 

10. vocabulary 
I could highlight the words that I often use in my text and try to find synonyms in a Thesaurus.
11. grammar 
Unfortunately, I didn't get any feedback on my grammar. Consequently, I'm not sure just yet whether it needs improvement or not.

12. spelling
Rereading my text and looking for some of the words in a dictionary.

13. conclusion 
My conclusion was the weakest link in my text because it lacks a thesis statement. Writing one the next time, would of course improve my mark.