mercredi 31 août 2011

Not so awkward after all !

Earlier today, I was honoured to meet a girl that described herself as a socially awkward person.  However, as the conversation went on, I quickly realized that we had more things in common than we thought we would ... Oh boy-oh boy, does that also make me socially awkward ? Oh, well... She goes by the name of Joanie and she’s a small town girl that just blew into Montreal from a place so far away that I can’t even recall its name. As a person, she seemed quite genuine and shy. She likes psychology, writing, analysing stories, people and characters and traveling. In fact, when she is going to get her college degree, she would like to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun. 

As far as her goals go, adapting to her new college-girl life and especially getting through the English course would probably be her main short-term goal at this moment. Eventually, aside from teaching French to a Korean child twice a week, Joanie would like to get a real job at a library or at a store that sells goods for artists. Finally, she would like to finish college with good grades, which probably won’t a problem since her performance back in high school was so exceptional that she even got a student’s grant for all her effort. I hope that everything goes as planned for Joanie and I personally wish her the best of luck.

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